About Us

Noodlers, polishers, and amplifiers extraordinaire


a) Wrote the masterpiece

b) Had the lightbulb business idea

c) Are planning the big event


Have the extra push to get your idea/screenplay/novel/gala/business plan polished, perfected, and out the door. 

Wherever you are in the process, whether your project is big or small, our talented, experienced marketing consultants are here to help you take the next steps.

What makes us different?

We are a small, boutique firm that specializes in helping people with a spark. You're already doing great things... you just need a helping hand to kick it to the next level. Our caring, creative team can get you there. 

With over a decade of experience helping clients from authors to nonprofits to job seekers, and everyone in between, we're confident we can help you achieve your goals.

No project is too small

We've worked with major national organizations, and we've edited our moms' friends' cover letters. Whether you wrote a draft of the next Great American Novel and just need a pair of eyes, or you're looking to create a full-fledged strategic marketing plan for your small business, we can help.

We'll take the time to get to know you and develop a custom plan tailored to your needs and budget. 

We look forward to telling your story to the world!

Our clients have landed placements in:


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